The FamliCare Story

In the pivotal year of 2014, our founder's life took an unexpected turn when his father experienced a heart attack. What followed was a whirlwind of uncertainty, questions, and the realization that navigating the complexities of healthcare, legalities, and family dynamics was a formidable challenge.

Amidst the crisis, the absence of a coordinated approach to caregiving became glaringly apparent. The family found themselves scattered, grappling with critical decisions, and struggling to maintain open communication. It was a scenario familiar to many families facing similar challenges.

The catalyst for change came from the struggles of this personal journey. In the face of mounting responsibilities, the founder sought a solution that could unite family members, streamline caregiving tasks, and provide a centralized hub for essential information.

The result of this quest is our custom caregiving app, born out of necessity and fueled by the desire to ease the burdens of unpaid family caregivers. This unique tool is not just a communication platform; it's a comprehensive solution designed to organize caregiving essentials and securely store vital documents in the cloud.

Although it did give some comfort to know I wasn’t the only one on the caregiving emotional rollercoaster, I knew something needed to be done for those like me who were experiencing extreme drama and stress. "There’s got to be a better way," was a pervasive thought, but I could not find an existing solution. This was my drive to build FamliCare. — Tyler Wirth

The app's genesis was rooted in the founder's firsthand experience of the difficulties in coordinating care, particularly when family members are dispersed across different locations and time zones. Real-time updates and collaboration became paramount, and the need for a holistic approach to caregiving was evident.

As the founder navigated the maze of medical information, juggled care schedules, and confronted the challenges of managing a loved one's possessions, the vision for a more comprehensive caregiving tool took shape. The goal was clear — to create a resource that not only addressed immediate caregiving needs but also helped families plan for the future and navigate the complex landscape of legal and financial considerations.

This journey from personal struggle to innovative solution has become a calling — a commitment to offering a valuable gift to the world of unpaid family caregivers. Our app is more than just technology; it's a manifestation of empathy, understanding, and the belief that caregiving should be a shared responsibility, made more manageable through thoughtful organization and collaboration.

As we continue to evolve, our mission remains unwavering: to empower families facing caregiving challenges with a tool that brings them together, ensures no crucial detail is overlooked, and provides a sense of control and support in the face of life's unexpected twists and turns.

The Emotions

Dementia Caregiving
can be Intense

I felt stretched thin, and being the only "boots on the ground" family caregiver, I often struggled to juggle my own schedule with that of my loved one's. We felt the pinch of bills due that weren't ours and often simply wondered what to do next. Sound familiar? As you well know, these are just a few of the feelings that make family caregiving difficult.

Daily Challenges

Dementia Caregiving
can be Draining, but Your
Love Remains Unwavering

Distance, varying time zones, and life’s demands make it challenging for everyone to actively participate in the day- to-day conversations and choices. Providing real-time updates amid inevitable changes proves difficult as well. The urgency of situations often prevents the ability to inform until after the fact. Undoubtedly, the complexities of managing everything from financial affairs to the easiest of daily tasks can be overwhelming and paralyzing.

Your Role - Family Caregiver

A Tale of Love, Pain, and
Unyielding Commitment

In 2014, FamliCare emerged from a personal caregiving journey, highlighting the need for a comprehensive solution to alleviate the challenges faced by family caregivers. This realization led to the development of a tailored app, aiming to streamline caregiving logistics and enhance communication. More than just a tool, FamliCare is a vital resource prioritizing the wishes of your loved ones and addressing the organizational needs of dedicated caretakers. It represents a digital gift to the world of unpaid family caregivers, offering support during overwhelming responsibilities.

Tyler Wirth, Founder & CEO


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